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Performance Rider makes their Mark!

Finding the perfect partner to represent a brand can be tough but having travelled the country with our ‘pop-up-shop’, we discovered one rider in particular who showed dedication to the sport, an approachable attitude and a genuine passion for our innovative collection of products!

“We are very proud to announce our support of international show jumper, Mark Bunting,” says Charlotte Emery. “Mark is well respected, clearly has exceptional talent and represents all of the values we have at Performance Rider. He uses our products because he genuinely feels they are the best, and he is fully prepared to communicate that. As a growing company, it is vital that we work with someone who understands the importance of getting our messages across, and we feel Mark is in the perfect position to do this. He has already confirmed our belief in him having won the hotly contested Blue Chip Grand Prix at the Winter Show Jumping Championships while representing Performance Rider, and we are looking forward to helping continue his success.”

Warwickshire based Mark began his career at the age of 8 years old and over the years he has established a firm foothold on the show jumping circuit. With many successes at junior, young rider and senior level, Mark has competed at international shows across the globe and has a string of talented horses, which he has high hopes for.

Mark understands that to perform at the top level, all aspects of his horses’ management need to be considered, which is why he has 100% commitment to Performance Rider and our ethos. “Having used EquiFit boots for several months now I can honestly say they have made a difference,” he says. “When jumping at top level horses need to be fully supported, using EquiFit boots gives me peace of mind and I believe the horses actually jump better when wearing them.”

“As a competitive rider I want to use products that genuinely work and this is why I believe Performance Rider stands out,” Mark goes on to say. “All of the products have been carefully chosen because they do an excellent job. I am very pleased to have the company’s backing, it means I can focus on riding, knowing that the equipment I use is genuinely working for me and my horses.”

Many competitors are now turning to Performance Rider as their first port of call for equestrian essentials, including exclusive EquiFit horse boots and AGSilver horse care, GPA and Manfredi clothing, Cavalor and Horse First supplements and other must-haves such as the revolutionary ThinLine Reins and Heritage Gloves.

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March madness… win a set of EquiFit Original T-Boots worth £107.98!

Yes the spring air has gone to our heads and we have decided to give away a set of the fabulous EquiFit Original T-Boots, as used by top riders across the globe!

For us, like many of the riders who choose to use the products, what makes EquiFit stand out is the use of advanced technological material, T-Foam. Originally developed for astronaut seating to help reduce pressure points, T-Foam is a shock absorbing material that conforms to each horse’s body for a custom fit, every time and with 100% recovery for the next use.

When people pick up the EquiFit T-Boots at shows they are WOWED by the feel of this technical fabric. It is neoprene free and absorbs a whopping 97% of shock and vibration, which means in the event of any knocks or bangs to the leg, the impact is dispersed. What is even better is this lining is removable and washable!

PLUS, how many of you worry about the damage that heating up the delicate tendons and ligaments can do to your horse’s precious legs? We know we do, which is why we love the fact that the T-Foam helps air to circulate and keep tendons cool and legs dry! No more nasty boot rubs caused by sweat, and no more worrying about excess heat!

The all-important boot outer is made from lightweight, pliable and shock absorbing EVA with a reinforced strike zone on both the front and hind boots. This, combined with the cut-out shape behind the knee to ensure freedom of movement, makes the boots flexible and durable!

For all the detailed information about EquiFit T-Boots check out the Performance Rider website, but for the really exciting bit, read on to find out how you can WIN a pair of the EquiFit Original T-Boots!


We are giving one lucky Performance Rider Facebook fan the chance to get their hands on a set of the fabulous EquiFit Original T-Boots! All you need to do is ‘like’ our page on Facebook and then enter via the Contests Tab at the top of our Timeline. It really is that simple!

Entries are only open to UK residents only. Entries close midnight Monday 9th April after which Performance Rider will pick the winner. The judges decision is final and Performance Rider reserve the right to amend the competition rules at any time. This competition is not open to family members or close associations of Performance Rider.


When results count!

With the eventing season underway we attended the British Eventing Horse Trials at Tweseldown, our local event, with the PERFORMANCE RIDER pop-up shop. As always the course and venue was superb and it was good to see so many friends out and about. After a winter indoors with the stand it was brilliant to be outdoors in the spring sunshine (very lucky for March!) in fact, Frank is already working on his t-shirt tan!

The sharp eyed among you will have spotted that we now stock CAVALOR natural supplements and products to sit alongside our popular HORSE FIRST supplement brand and AG SILVER natural healing products. We feel that this is a winning combination to help keep your horse in fantastic condition throughout the year.

We met with the head of Cavalor Mr Peter Bollen to get fully trained on how the different products work and should be used to get the best effect. He had real insight in to how to keep horses healthy and/or resolve specific issues, so if you have any particular concerns about your horse please give us a call to discuss which product might be right. Also we thought we could pass on some of his hints and tips so keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates to keep your horse healthy throughout the season.

Our ‘start of the season’ top tip… Some horses don’t cope with the coat and season change at all well and get run down very easily. Dull coat, loss of performance and general lower ‘bounce’ sound familiar? And just when you think they should be picking up after winter! This is really true of one of our horses who definitely gets down at this time of year, he looks like he has already done some hard graft despite the season hardly starting, and the final clue, he gets skin complaints. One season we started eventing with half his hair missing off his head! Not an attractive look but you do find people give you wide birth in the collecting ring! So to overcome this type of problem Peter recommends CAVALOR RESIST with Vit C. It increases your horse’s immune system and resistance to viruses, particularly at this time of year. It is also brilliant if you are staying away in communal stables a lot throughout the season. He says for best results you should start using it ten days before staying away. If you think your horse might benefit then we are stocking the 2kg tub at £110, you can find it on our web site, We are starting our horse on this and using our AG Silver Max Strength and Daily Strength Wash to keep skin complaints at bay.

Our new clothing range, Manfredi, is getting lots of attention on the stand. The Red and Royal Blue Ladies Fontana jackets are proving very popular. And as you may have already seen on one our blog posts, after a lot of pestering last year for men’s clothing we have both Manfredi and GPA men’s jackets, breeches and shirts as well as some other essential fashion items for the season. Don’t be shy, come on over and try some on!

Thanks for reading! Oh and when I get a chance I will post a little tale to make you laugh under the title of I SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Watch this space…

Put a plug in it!

When things are getting ‘too much’ many humans turn to ‘blocking it all out’ with the help of earplugs and now, thanks to EquiFit and Performance Rider, you can help your horse in the very same way.

Is your horse nervous when hacking? Does he go to pieces in prize givings? Can loud noises such as clipping or fireworks send him into orbit? There are many stressful situations that can be eased with the help of earplugs, however for years the equine variations of these handy products have been a far cry from their human equivalents, with ‘make-shift’ concepts often lending to uncomfortable, bulky, untidy and unhygienic solutions.

A simple revolution from EquiFit could be the solution. Produced using the same technologies as human ear plugs, the brand new EquiFit T-Foam EarPlugs have been manufactured from heat reactive T-Foam, which softens with body temperature and allows the EarPlug to conform to the horse’s ear canal. The result is an EarPlug that creates a strong seal and eliminates virtually all noise, replicating the same benefits that their human counterparts would offer. The unique T-Foam retains shape use after use, ensuring EquiFit EarPlugs provide a custom fit every time.

EquiFit T-Foam Equine EarPlugs are a tack-room-essential and can be used for a multitude of occasions when a soothing influence is needed. Whether riding in the ring when regulations allow it, or during the line-up of a prize giving, EarPlugs can help dull background noise and lead to a calmer, less anxious horse.

Other uses include clipping, bathing, during fireworks or shooting season and even to help horses that suffer from nerves during travelling. In addition some highly-strung horses on busy yards can benefit from a more peaceful environment, particularly if they are already uptight due to box rest. EarPlugs can also be used when hacking to help build confidence in horses that have had a fright from loud traffic, or simply in day to day riding during spooky conditions, such as high winds.

Not just a show ring accessory, the EquiFit T-Foam Equine EarPlugs can be trimmed to fit the ear canal if necessary and provide a soft, subtle and unobtrusive solution to anxiety caused by noises. The EquiFit T-Foam Equine EarPlugs are simple and easy to use; the unique foam gently expands within the ear canal to provide an ergonomic fit, without the risk of pressure points or discomfort.

Earplugs are permitted during British Show Jumping competitions, in the jumping and cross country phases of British Eventing horse trials and during prize givings at British Dressage shows, however Performance Rider recommends that competitors always check that Earplugs are permitted in their chosen discipline.

Priced at just £7 per pair, EquiFit T-Foam Equine EarPlugs are available in black or brown, exclusively in the UK from Performance Rider. View and buy online at or tel: 01483 346011 for more information.

Something for the boys!

At Performance Rider we have found that equestrian fashion caters widely for female riders, however for the men that are passionate about equine sport, competition wear is often overlooked and it can be a challenge to find stylish and comfortable performance apparel.

Having been approached by many male riders, disappointed with the lack of competition wear available to them, we have now made it one of their focuses to offer a comprehensive collection for the guys!

Continuing the emphasis on technical fabrics and innovative designs, we have selected items that are proven to cater for the discerning male rider.

As self confessed technology addicts – most male riders are familiar with the evolution of smart-fabrics in the sporting industry, however it has only been in recent years that these technical materials have become available to the equine market. Design and innovation have since paved the way for specialized garments to become available, and in addition to improving performance, they can also look great too! Now, with our help, male riders have access to a collection of competition jackets, show shirts, breeches, casual wear and accessories, all chosen to help give a stylish edge.

Within the collection, brands such as GPA and Manfredi answer the demands of male competitors, focusing on classic tailoring, a smart appearance and performance to the highest standards.

The brand new Manfredi collection, which provides clothing made specifically for men with input from leading male riders, uses evolutionary fabrics to bring practicality and innovation to competition wear and succeeds in achieving an elegant, but masculine look.

The result is a selection of products, including the striking Sacramento Competition Jacket and Grand Prix Breeches, which have both been designed to offer fit and comfort, along with a superior appearance, to help achieve unbeatable performance in the saddle.

Gone are the days when male riders had to choose between style and quality! With the launch of our collection of men’s attire, every guy can now achieve beautiful tailoring, technical innovation and most importantly superlative quality that really lasts.

To see the range visit or tel: 01483 346 011. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook at


Enhance your horse’s performance with EquiFit

EquiFit provide the latest in equine boot innovation by combining their revolutionary technology with in depth competitive expertise. Every boot brought to you by EquiFit aims to maximise comfort, improve performance and increase success, and the new RSL boot reinforces these ambitions.

Developed in conjunction with leading professionals, the EquiFit RSL Hind Boots have been designed to help create a superior jump, a more animated canter and a careful hind limb. The overall effect is to help control the horse’s jump stride kinematics (JSK).

As the ‘Official Performance Horse Boot and Leg Protection of the United States Equestrian Federation’ EquiFit RSL Hind Boots have a wealth of science and technology behind them. With many riders thankfully turning their backs on historical, but less ethical schooling strategies, EquiFit RSL Hind Boots provide an innovation in performance enhancement.

The unique EquiFit RSL Hind Boots work through a two-pronged approach. Gentle pressure points, which are adjustable, can encourage the horse to jump a fence more carefully and cleanly. Studies carried out in recent years suggested that performance enhancing boots could result in horses increasing their clearance of fences by up to 30cm over and above those horses wearing regular boots.

Unlike other pressure boots on the market, the design of EquiFit’s RSL Hind Boot offers a unique ‘cupping’ shape underneath the fetlock. This means when a horse lands after an obstacle – particularly for horses jumping larger fences, or those with a tendency to over-jump – it reduces the chance of hyperextension and therefore encourages a cleaner, more controlled landing after the fence, putting less strain on the fetlock and surrounding area and enabling the ride-away to be more regulated.

EquiFit RSL Hind Boots are made from high quality, durable leather to offer outstanding protection from knocks and scrapes, without the interference of heavy, bulky boots. The tidy, unobtrusive boot creates a streamlined look, coordinating perfectly with the rest of the EquiFit T-Boot collection.

The EquiFit RSL Hind Boot is the only boot on the market to offering removable “Pressure Points” so that you can adjust the boot and tailor it to each horse’s individual needs. As with the whole EquiFit T-Boot collection the RSL Hind Boots utilise innovative T-Foam, which absorbs 97% of shock and vibration from impact whilst still allowing air to circulate, keeping the legs cool and dry. With the help of T-Foam™ the EquiFit RSL boots conform to the horse’s legs for a custom fit, every time.

With many of the top riders in the world choosing EquiFit, including Laura Renwick, Guy Williams, Mclain Ward, Peter Charles and Michael Whitaker, it is clear that a better fit can provide a better finish.

Priced at £165 per pair, EquiFit RSL Hind Boots are available exclusively in the UK from Performance Rider. View and buy online at or tel: 01483 346011 for more information. You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook at

Made to ride, for him and her!

Performance Rider have brought pioneering equestrian products from the international market into the UK, and the latest clothing brand to hit their virtual shelves is sure to create a stir on the competition circuit…

Manfredi has been ‘made to ride’ in Spain, utilising innovative fabric technologies teamed with beautiful, flattering and exceptional designs. With a strong belief that both men and women deserve to ride proudly in clothing that performs, the Manfredi collection is simple, yet stylish, and won’t compromise on comfort or flexibility in the saddle, making it a popular choice for competitors of all levels, from aspirational amateurs to international professionals.

The flagship products in the Manfredi collection, the Sacramento Men’s Jacket and the Fontana Ladies Jacket, have both been created from breathable, washable and water repellent, four-way stretch, Nanostretch 360 fabric, which offers a comfortable, tailored fit that allows total freedom of movement, yet retains a traditional and elegant look. Every garment in the Manfredi range has been carefully considered from the elegant buttons and immaculate stitching, to the exceptional tailoring.

The smart-material will not crease or wrinkle, maintaining a tidy and edgy appearance regardless of what your equine throws, or slobbers, at you. With the ‘made to ride’ ethos being applied to every item of apparel in the whole Manfredi collection, customers can be sure that each and every item has been designed by riders, especially for riders.

Both the Men’s Sacramento Jacket and Ladies Fontana Jacket have been cut to flatter the figure and each features a classic double vented back, subtle contrasting collar and a unique stripe detail at the sides to accentuate the shape. Available in several colour combinations in ladies sizes 36 – 46, and men’s 38 – 42, both Jackets are priced at £330.

The Manfredi collection is available through Performance Rider in the UK. Browse the virtual shelves at or tel: 01483 346011 for more information. Alternatively check out the Performance Rider diary dates online and try the Manfredi range for yourself in the exclusive ‘pop up shop’ at a show near you. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Performance Rider on Facebook at

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