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Fit for purpose

Back pain in horses can be a serious problem, causing poor and reduced performance, grumpiness and bad behaviour, not to mention unnecessary discomfort for the horse. It is no secret that one of the most common causes of back pain is an ill-fitting saddle and whilst regular visits from the saddler should alleviate most major issues, horses in work are constantly changing shape, so maintaining a “perfect fit” in between visits can be tricky.

In reality, getting a saddle checked every few weeks is not an option, and particularly with ever-changing young horses, and those who are gaining or losing muscular tone as a result of lifestyle and workload, their body shapes are continuously altering. This is why we have introduced EquiFit’s extensive range of Therapeutic Saddle Pads to our growing portfolio.

The flagship product within the range is the EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Contour Pad which has been designed to ease saddle fitting difficulties and help minimise the chance of performance-zapping back pain in horses and, because it has been created using innovative T-Foam, the Pad conforms to the exact contours of both your horse’s back and your saddle shape each time it is used, and returns to shape after.

T-Foam is used in the EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Contour Pad because of its superb shock absorption properties and because of its unique construction, which reduces the chance of uncomfortable pressure points. By minimising vibrations from the horse up to the rider, and from the rider down to the horse, a more harmonious feel is achieved leading to greater comfort for both horse and rider. The double thickened material also provides a soft, yet bulk-free layer to support and protect the back and with an open cell structure, it can disperse heat quickly and efficiently to prevent overheating issues caused by many other pads on the market.

The EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Contour Pad also helps ensure that no pain or discomfort is caused by the slipping or movement of the saddle with a non slip outer material providing unrivalled saddle stability without the use of untidy straps and fastenings.

The EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Contour Pad does not alter the shape of a well-fitting saddle and can be used simply as an extra layer of protection against concussion on the vulnerable back area, or to help bridge the gap between saddle fitting visits. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to maintaining fitness, muscle tone and performance levels, and by purchasing an EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Saddle Pad you can help reduce the risk of unplanned interruptions in your competition campaign.

Available in one size only, in black, the EquiFit Double Thick Non-Slip Contour Pad is part of the comprehensive collection of Therapeutic Saddle Pads from EquiFit and costs £170 and is available exclusively in the UK from Performance Rider. View and buy online at or tel: 01483 346011 for more information.

Performance Rider makes their Mark!

Finding the perfect partner to represent a brand can be tough but having travelled the country with our ‘pop-up-shop’, we discovered one rider in particular who showed dedication to the sport, an approachable attitude and a genuine passion for our innovative collection of products!

“We are very proud to announce our support of international show jumper, Mark Bunting,” says Charlotte Emery. “Mark is well respected, clearly has exceptional talent and represents all of the values we have at Performance Rider. He uses our products because he genuinely feels they are the best, and he is fully prepared to communicate that. As a growing company, it is vital that we work with someone who understands the importance of getting our messages across, and we feel Mark is in the perfect position to do this. He has already confirmed our belief in him having won the hotly contested Blue Chip Grand Prix at the Winter Show Jumping Championships while representing Performance Rider, and we are looking forward to helping continue his success.”

Warwickshire based Mark began his career at the age of 8 years old and over the years he has established a firm foothold on the show jumping circuit. With many successes at junior, young rider and senior level, Mark has competed at international shows across the globe and has a string of talented horses, which he has high hopes for.

Mark understands that to perform at the top level, all aspects of his horses’ management need to be considered, which is why he has 100% commitment to Performance Rider and our ethos. “Having used EquiFit boots for several months now I can honestly say they have made a difference,” he says. “When jumping at top level horses need to be fully supported, using EquiFit boots gives me peace of mind and I believe the horses actually jump better when wearing them.”

“As a competitive rider I want to use products that genuinely work and this is why I believe Performance Rider stands out,” Mark goes on to say. “All of the products have been carefully chosen because they do an excellent job. I am very pleased to have the company’s backing, it means I can focus on riding, knowing that the equipment I use is genuinely working for me and my horses.”

Many competitors are now turning to Performance Rider as their first port of call for equestrian essentials, including exclusive EquiFit horse boots and AGSilver horse care, GPA and Manfredi clothing, Cavalor and Horse First supplements and other must-haves such as the revolutionary ThinLine Reins and Heritage Gloves.

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Enhance your horse’s performance with EquiFit

EquiFit provide the latest in equine boot innovation by combining their revolutionary technology with in depth competitive expertise. Every boot brought to you by EquiFit aims to maximise comfort, improve performance and increase success, and the new RSL boot reinforces these ambitions.

Developed in conjunction with leading professionals, the EquiFit RSL Hind Boots have been designed to help create a superior jump, a more animated canter and a careful hind limb. The overall effect is to help control the horse’s jump stride kinematics (JSK).

As the ‘Official Performance Horse Boot and Leg Protection of the United States Equestrian Federation’ EquiFit RSL Hind Boots have a wealth of science and technology behind them. With many riders thankfully turning their backs on historical, but less ethical schooling strategies, EquiFit RSL Hind Boots provide an innovation in performance enhancement.

The unique EquiFit RSL Hind Boots work through a two-pronged approach. Gentle pressure points, which are adjustable, can encourage the horse to jump a fence more carefully and cleanly. Studies carried out in recent years suggested that performance enhancing boots could result in horses increasing their clearance of fences by up to 30cm over and above those horses wearing regular boots.

Unlike other pressure boots on the market, the design of EquiFit’s RSL Hind Boot offers a unique ‘cupping’ shape underneath the fetlock. This means when a horse lands after an obstacle – particularly for horses jumping larger fences, or those with a tendency to over-jump – it reduces the chance of hyperextension and therefore encourages a cleaner, more controlled landing after the fence, putting less strain on the fetlock and surrounding area and enabling the ride-away to be more regulated.

EquiFit RSL Hind Boots are made from high quality, durable leather to offer outstanding protection from knocks and scrapes, without the interference of heavy, bulky boots. The tidy, unobtrusive boot creates a streamlined look, coordinating perfectly with the rest of the EquiFit T-Boot collection.

The EquiFit RSL Hind Boot is the only boot on the market to offering removable “Pressure Points” so that you can adjust the boot and tailor it to each horse’s individual needs. As with the whole EquiFit T-Boot collection the RSL Hind Boots utilise innovative T-Foam, which absorbs 97% of shock and vibration from impact whilst still allowing air to circulate, keeping the legs cool and dry. With the help of T-Foam™ the EquiFit RSL boots conform to the horse’s legs for a custom fit, every time.

With many of the top riders in the world choosing EquiFit, including Laura Renwick, Guy Williams, Mclain Ward, Peter Charles and Michael Whitaker, it is clear that a better fit can provide a better finish.

Priced at £165 per pair, EquiFit RSL Hind Boots are available exclusively in the UK from Performance Rider. View and buy online at or tel: 01483 346011 for more information. You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook at