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A simple Spur solution

For the busy rider there is nothing more frustrating than having to change kit between horses, wasting valuable time and effort and increasing time spent on the ground instead of being productive in the saddle. The latest innovation to hit the Performance Rider shelves provides a simple time saving solution to this conundrum and the forward-thinking company are proud to introduce the TUSS Ultimate Spur Set to their portfolio of performance related products.

ImageThe Tuss Ultimate Spur Set is a simple concept that provides a rider with a smart pair of top quality spur bodies, complete with leather straps and interchangeable spur heads. These varying spur heads allow riders to quickly switch the spur attachment without having to remove the spur body each time. The result is a spur that suits every horse and a far more efficient use of time for the rider.

This novel idea means that all riders can have the spurs they need in an instant without having to keep track of multiple pairs. Tuss Ultimate Spurs are ideal for those competing, riding several horses per day or simply for owners of changeable horses or ponies that require different spurs dependent on the discipline and mood.

The Tuss Ultimate Spur Set is available in two different varieties; the General Purpose Set and the Advanced Set, each provided in a smart and durable padded zip case. With four different heads to choose from in each set, the spur attachments simply place into a rectangular hole in the back of the spur body and are held into place with a slim rubber “O” ring allowing you to seamlessly change tactics in seconds!

There is a spur for all occasions in the Tuss Ultimate Spur Set. The General Purpose Set includes a 25 mm (1″) hammerhead, a 25 mm plain head, a 25 mm ball head, and a 15 mm (1/2+”) ball head, making them ideal for eventing, jumping and everyday use. The Advanced Set is designed for more established riders, particularly for dressage, and contains a 30 mm (1+”) swan neck head, a 35 mm (1½”) blunt rowel head, a 35 mm ball head, and a 15 mm ball head.

The TUSS Ultimate Spur Set is made from high quality 316 stainless steel which offers corrosion resistant properties, a high resistance to pitting and excellent forming and welding characteristics providing the rider with flexibility and long lasting durability.

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